This blog could not be further from the “conventional feminist movement” push. This blog is a basic breakdown of divine energies that are meant to exist in a partnership for the advancement of humankind. Masculine does not mean man. Feminine does not mean woman. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the powerful and necessary energies […]

As we journey through this thing called life may we seek to learn, grow and expand. Learn, grow, expand sounds good, right? Well, the journey there is not always pretty. Learning comes with fucking up, growing comes with shedding what no longer serves, and expanding comes with pain. As I write this blog, I am […]

I am a small town WI girl, three year Seattle transplant and now a suburban mama/entrepreneur.  I love to empower ladies (and some men!) with education on the amazingness of their own true healing! Our bodies are divine temples that were made to heal and protect us, they just need the right tools!  I love […]

Interesting title right? I know when I first heard this, I thought – why on earth would you say that to anyone….you are not special? But then I told my ego to calm down as there may be a chance for a fresh perspective on this one. This statement is odd to hear because we […]

What do you think when you see these two words? Are they interchangeable to you? Do you see a difference in them? The noun version of fault actually contains the word responsibility in it. Fault – responsibility for an accident or misfortune. The verb version of fault – criticize for inadequacy or mistakes. Responsibility has […]

As we practice giving ourselves GRACE, embracing ourselves is essential. To truly embrace ourselves, we also need to make the choice to love ourselves unconditionally. I know the first time I heard this said to me, I thought about all the areas I needed to improve on first. I thought, how can I love myself […]

I don’t now about you, but it took me years to realize that focusing on my weaknesses kinda sucked. I used to look at everything I did wrong and immediately dive into how I could improve those areas so it was better next time. I did this in school, volleyball, basketball, softball, with friends and […]

Do you know how much time and pain we could save ourselves by saying what we need with our words wrapped in love? I am being dead serious when I ask this….like, if you just said what you mean and we as humans had enough love, compassion and grace to hear another and then honor […]

When the course Giving Yourself GRACE was created, the R in the acronym stands for Remove Toxins. Now, toxins can come in many forms, just a few to name are foods, products, thoughts, habits, energy, and even people.  To become well we must remove the very toxins that are destroying us on every layer.  Often, […]

How often do you feel like you are failing at something and you “should” all over yourself? #momfail is an actual hashtag, we laugh about this…but is it really that funny? Now don’t get me wrong – I chuckle about this myself and use it sometimes but I certainly find a lot more fun when […]

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