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Do you know how much time and pain we could save ourselves by saying what we need with our words wrapped in love? I am being dead serious when I ask this….like, if you just said what you mean and we as humans had enough love, compassion and grace to hear another and then honor another’s needs we would be in a pretty stellar spot as humanity. And here is the deal, when one is divinely lead – the highest good for all will unfold, so speaking your truth (wrapped in love) would be the highest good for all.

With GRACE being an acronym in the Giving Yourself GRACE course….let’s chat about the A. Advocate for YOU!!! Speak your truth as no one on the planet knows what you want more than you, and no one on the planet is responsible for advocating your needs and desires BESIDES YOU!!! By learning how and embracing that you must speak your truth you will make life much easier for you and those around you. While the core of this part of the course is to help you advocate for you to honor you….another really big, awesome thing happens….People will feel confident when being around you because they will know what you are thinking and what you may need! When people know that you are someone who speaks your truth with love, they will know that they are getting real and honest words from you.

Today it is December 23rd, 2020 and in just a two short weeks I am taking my 13 year old daughter on a little adventure. I reached out to one of my friends in Florida to see if she was up for a visit. She wrote back a day later and said :

“Hey Sweet Lady!!! Oh my gosh I want to say yes so bad. I can’t though. I slept on it and checked in with my intuition again this morning and got the same answer. “

The message concluded with her sharing what she had going on. My response….”Thank you so much for loving me enough to honor you!” I know saying no was so hard, but there was not an ounce of me that was upset. I knew she was speaking her highest truth. I knew she was honoring herself….and I also know she is working really hard to help others to do the same, so when she tells me she will be in the middle of the grind…it is for the highest good FOR ALL.

This, humans, is what we need to embrace. Honor YOU. Embrace YOU. Advocate for YOU!!! No one else is responsible for that and when we all take the responsibility and accountability for our own needs, we as humans will line up perfectly.

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