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Remove Toxins

When the course Giving Yourself GRACE was created, the R in the acronym stands for Remove Toxins. Now, toxins can come in many forms, just a few to name are foods, products, thoughts, habits, energy, and even people.  To become well we must remove the very toxins that are destroying us on every layer.  Often, we are unaware of these toxins, so we must be equipped with the tools needed to uncover them, remove them and then heal.

This process is not typically easy or instant…just like the damage didn’t come overnight, neither will the healing…however, it will be faster than you realize! We are blasted with toxins in the products that we use and the foods that we eat. I have spent the 15 years of my life learning about all the ways we are slowly poisoned and it is quite mind blowing to think about. How some of the chemicals have been allowed into our food, personal products and cleaning products are beyond me but that doesn’t change the reality that they are there and they can be replaced with other products that do not harm our hormonal systems, cells, organs and human body.

Thoughts and habits can also be toxic. I love to learn and what Dr Sue Morter and Dr Bruce Lipton have taught me about how you can affect your internal world with your mind alone can no longer be ignored. Our thoughts and habits have the ability to alter our hormones, pH balance and cell regeneration. And guess what – we are in control of what we think and how we behave. We may have some habits that need to be altered or thought patterns that need to be replaced, but that doesn’t mean we are not in control.

Lastly people. There are just some people you don’t need in your world. This doesn’t mean they are bad people, it means they don’t mix with your energy and you need to be mindful of that and protect your time + energy + space for your own well being. There are many ways to go about this and equipping you with the tools you need to make choices to better your life is the goal!

As always, if you read this and you are like….I need help…go find it. God has placed healers all over the planet for this exact time! I am resource to help and a resource to find your help – but you must ask!

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