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Hey Beautiful! I am so excited you decided to stop by today. Let me tell you just a bit about myself!  I am a small town WI girl, three year Seattle transplant, MN suburban mama that made her way back to Wisconsin.  I love to empower ladies (and some men!) with education on the amazingness of their own true healing! Our bodies are divine temples that were made to heal and protect us, they just need the right tools!  I love to help my clients find these tools and live a kick-ass life spreading the ripple effects of love, compassion and grace!

My favorite person is my daughter Taylynn, and while I said I would NEVER be one of those small dog lovers, Spike, our 4 lb yorkie completes our family!  If I could survive on pizza, red wine and cookie dough...I totally would!  But, after being in the health and wellness industry since 2005, I treat my body a bit better than that!  (Oh, and I swear a lot)

hi, I'm Amanda

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*Wellness Consultation

What are your challenges?  What are your goals?  Will I be able to help you?  Let's find out!  If I can't I will find someone who can!
This will be applied to any package purchased.

*Personal Training

During 1-1 sessions we use a combination of strength training, intervals and yoga, to build muscle, burn fat and increase flexibility all while shifting your mental focus to love + gratitude.

*FAscia blasting

Fascia is connective tissue found all throughout the body.  Like all of the human body, fascia can become unhealthy from excess weight, lack of movement, lack of nutrients and unprocessed emotions.  Fascia blasting promotes blood flow and more leaving your body free to flow.

*Energy Sessions

With a Reiki root, multiple energy modalities are used to alleviate stress, emotional + physical pain, brain fog and an overall heaviness of stuck or stagnant energy, leaving you feel lighter and more energetic.

Blueprint to wellness

Since 2005, I have been gathering data to help my clients for lifelong success. B2W is an online program that creates a solid foundation. Completing B2W is required prior to working 1-1 with me.

Give yourself GRACE

How often do you "should" on yourself?  I should drink more water, workout more, be a better mom, better wife, make more money, blah, blah, blah!  While becoming a better person is essential - doing it with a bit of GRACE will be a lot more fun!


Are your chakras blocked or open. flowing or stagnant?  Are you thinking chakras - what are those? Through this course learn the basics about the seven main chakras so you can create a life of health + abundance in every way possible to you!

Virtual workouts

The need to shift to online workouts came from COVID, but the cost + convenience is why we are still here!  Six week workout series that include live + pre-recorded workouts are perfect + cost efficient for all fitness levels.  The workout series includes something for your mind + body + soul!

new year = new you!

Amanda, I want everything you have to offer!!! Workouts, fascia blasting, energy sessions, B2W, GYG, Chakras 101 and all the information of improving the health of my home - as I am only as healthy as the space I live. 

*Wellness consults are applied to these services.  Session packages can be used toward personal training, fascia blasting and energy sessions.  

There is an oil for that!

How can I serve you?


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