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Hey Beautiful! I am so excited you decided to stop by today. Let me tell you just a bit about myself!  I am a small town WI girl, three year Seattle transplant, MN suburban mama that made her way back to Wisconsin.  I love to empower ladies (and some men!) with education on the amazingness of their own true healing! Our bodies are divine temples that were made to heal and protect us, they just need the right tools!  I love to help my clients find these tools and live a kick-ass life spreading the ripple effects of love, compassion and grace!

My favorite person is my daughter Taylynn, and while I said I would NEVER be one of those small dog lovers, Spike, our 4 lb yorkie completes our family!  If I could survive on pizza, red wine and cookie dough...I totally would!  But, after being in the health and wellness industry since 2005, I treat my body a bit better than that!  (Oh, and I swear a lot)

hi, I'm Amanda

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*ARW connect*

Often we don't know what we actually want because we stop at saying what we DON'T want. 

During our first *Connect, I use various techniques to uncover what you truly desire and we build a plan to create just that.  With nearly 2 decades in the health and wellness industry, I have seen a wide variety programs and there is not one way to wellness, but there are basic, biological, fundamental necessities for the human body to function. We focus on "The Big 3" and create a solid foundation of the necessities.  I clear the smoke and allow you to see your next 30-90 day steps.

Following our *Connect, you will enjoy 30 minutes in the infrared sauna. (To learn more about the benefits of the infrared sauna -  In addition to all the benefits of the infrared, this time will prepare your body for the fascia release portion of the appointment.  Fascia is connective tissue, with no beginning or end and holds emotions, traumas and toxins.  Unprocessed emotions and traumas become stuck energy in the body, if that energy is stuck long enough, mental + physical disease will follow.  Fascia release stimulates blood flow, allowing your body to clear what no longer serves.

*Optional Add-on
Just like we have physical bodies that must be cleaned, we have energetic bodies that must be cleaned as well. The energy shower is an excellent addition to the ARW Connect and will leave you feeling physically lighter, mentally clearer overall more relaxed. 

After our initial appointment, most clients book monthly or bi-monthly for a two hour
* Infrared Sauna * Fascia Release * Energy Shower *
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After nearly 2 decades in the industry, I have found the most effective start with any client is an ARW Connect.  This appointment is 2 hours and consist of 3 parts. 


In a judgement free zone - I simply ask questions that allow you to uncover what is ready to be seen. It’s not magic. It’s love.  What do you desire + what is the simplest way to get it?

*Infrared Sauna*

In addition to the endless benefits, the infrared warms up the fascia for the final piece of the appointment.

*Fascia Release*

Fascia is connective tissue with no beginning or end through your body.  Unprocessed emotions and traumas can damage the fascia causing physical pain.  Fascia release helps clear unprocessed emotions and traumas.

Optional Add-on

*Energy Shower*

Just as we have physical bodies that need to be cleaned, we also have energetic bodies that need cleaning too!  This 30 minutes process will leave you feeling physically lighter, mentally clearer and overall better!

Questions - contact Amanda at 651.399.4297 or

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