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How often do you feel like you are failing at something and you “should” all over yourself? #momfail is an actual hashtag, we laugh about this…but is it really that funny? Now don’t get me wrong – I chuckle about this myself and use it sometimes but I certainly find a lot more fun when I focus on #momwins and this goes with every aspect of my life!

We should drink more water, we should exercise more, we should eat better, we should have our kiddos on a better routine, we should go to church, we should have date nights, we should, we should, we should….

What if we looked at the list of all the “shoulds” and just picked a couple that actually matter to us? What would happen if we were to Get Real with what is important and put our time and energy into that. What if we stopped comparing ourselves to everyone else and really focused on what brought us joy.

As a trainer, I have women who come to me with big goals for their health and very quickly they share all the areas they feel like they are failing in their lives. They feel like they are spread too thin, stressed out all the time, not sleeping well, sex life sucks, overweight, some sort of chronic issue….autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, chronic pain are just a few of the most common and joy is a foreign concept. Often they are hoping if they just workout everything will magically fall into place 🙂

While working out might help a few things, we have a bit more work to dive into. When I say Get Real – I mean it…what is the most important thing that needs some love poured on it. We can’t fix it all at once, nor should we try. What is important to you might not be the same thing that is most important to another…that’s ok! Once that area is healed, we move on to the next, and then the next and then the next.

Healing is a journey and it starts with a single step. By narrowing things down to bite size pieces, it all becomes manageable. Then when you see a great improvement in one area, you have confidence to step into the next area. This process creates a domino effect and each phase becomes easier because you are becoming stronger and stronger.

But you have to Get Real with where you are starting and where you want to go so a plan can be created FOR YOU and YOUR LIFE! I read Mel Robbins book Take Control of Your Life and in this book she shared how she beat herself up for not having six pack abs, then she decided to look into what work would be required for that to happen. She was able to Get Real with the fact that she simply was not committed to working that hard for the abs. This then allowed her to let that go. While she would be mindful of what she ate and drank and she would be sure to move her body – she was no longer going to let that linger, because she simple was not committed to make that happen. Do you see the amount of freedom that come when you Get Real.

This can be applied to each part of your world – Mind + Body + Soul + Home. Get Real with what is important and build a plan from there. And stop shoulding on yourself because society is trying to tell you what should be important! One of my favorite pieces to my job is helping people get clarity so they can truly start living their best life – if you need help, reach out!

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