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Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine

This blog could not be further from the “conventional feminist movement” push. This blog is a basic breakdown of divine energies that are meant to exist in a partnership for the advancement of humankind.

Masculine does not mean man.

Feminine does not mean woman.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the powerful and necessary energies that exist in this world for the greatest and highest good. They are meant to live in harmony, showing their strengths while embracing each others weaknesses. They are ying and yang. They, together, are balance.

Divine Masculine energy is to protect and provide. To be secure and stable. To provide structure and support. Assertive yet tender. Logical. Confident. Focused. Strong. Clear. Responsible. Disciplined.

Divine Feminine energy is to create and nourish. To be secure and protected. To be generous and caring. Soft yet strong. Intuitive. Confident. Creative. Receptive. Collaborative. Emotional. Gentle. Adaptive.

One can not function at its greatest without the support of the other. We all carry both masculine and feminine energies within us at all times. Masculine was never meant to dominate and control feminine. Feminine was never meant to be tossed aside like it didn’t matter.

As a female entrepreneur, people like to put me in the box of “feminist” and let me tell you clearly – I AM NOT A FEMINIST. I am a woman who has relied on her divine masculine energy to push me through and it put me to the point that my body began to shut down. When we are not true to what our soul needs, eventually our body starts to break. As my mind + body + soul were pushed in ways that I believed were necessary, humans came through to start to teach me things I didn’t know. And as I have said it before, I will say it again – the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.

I was introduced to masculine + feminine energy and like most I immediately went to man + woman. That is just so far from the reality its maddening to think I was that ignorant. When I speak to people who are uneducated in this department and I hear them say the things I once thought, I just want to scream WAKE UP!!!!

How I relied so heavily on my masculine energy is obvious in hindsight – I worked for my father on his construction crew and I spent the majority of my time with him. Most of my childhood was spent doing whatever my dad was doing so I could be with him. Now that I know masculine energy – my father is absolutely it by definition. Now let’s fast forward real quick to when I had my wellness center and was told the right side of my body was very tired and my left side was weak – I was like what?!? The right side of the body represents masculine energy – and I was heavily depending on that energy to carry me through every single day. My left side, that represents feminine energy was weak as it wasn’t being used. My body was becoming very tired with this imbalance. I was forcing things, instead of letting things flow. I was making things happen instead of nourishing what I had. When you do not nourish what needs to be nourished – it gets sick and can even die (obviously)

As I have started to learn this whole masculine and feminine energy thing and stepped more into my feminine energy, I have found a different peace. I am finding myself working more efficiently and the things of my desire are finding their way to me. I am finding myself much calmer. I do not feel the need to defend myself as I once did. I am less guarded, less defensive and less anxious. I am listening to myself (intuition) instead of looking for outside answers.

As I think about how wrong I had it, I look at our world now. I often hear many wanting to blame men for the issues, and the patriarchy that has caused all these issues. While I can see that being an easy scapegoat, that answer does not get to the root of the issues. Humans are not digging deep enough into the history of the world and humans certainly do not have their eyes on the true issue. While I do not believe that I have it all figured out, I do believe that my desire to learn and expand my mind, thoughts and perceptions has me in a different place than most. The silencing of the feminine energy was not an attack on women, it was an attack on humanity. By removing such a huge element, manipulation and control was easy, as so many get stuck that it was an attack against women and go after that. Unfortunately, it is just the same as race. Small minds will get stuck on where they are hurt – deep minds search for the root. Have you ever asked yourself this question – how did Christians settle on father, son, and holy ghost? What happened to the woman – I mean she is the one that literally creates life? Why is it not man, woman, child? Now before you attempt to combat with the Bible – just take some time to really think about this one. Breathe. I know it hurts to question things you have always been told – but truly think about this one with your own brain, not with what you have been told to believe.

So when I hear women say we should be the ones in power, I get sad. No honey, no one should “be in power” Humans that know how to efficiently use their strengths, while being aware of their weaknesses so they can surround themselves with others who can fill in their weaknesses is what this world needs. Humans that flow with their masculine + feminine energies and use them to collaborate, create, build, protect, and nourish is what we need. We need the wise to step forward and the ignorant to sit down. We need the strong and equipped to lead. We need divine masculine. We need divine feminine. We need them both and we need them in harmony – that my friends, is the ticket to our survival – harmony and balance between masculine and feminine.

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