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Learn, Grow, Expand…Repeat

As we journey through this thing called life may we seek to learn, grow and expand. Learn, grow, expand sounds good, right? Well, the journey there is not always pretty. Learning comes with fucking up, growing comes with shedding what no longer serves, and expanding comes with pain.

As I write this blog, I am 39 years old and a bartender attempting to expand an online business that will give me the freedom to learn, grow and expand all over the world. I am exposed to many different types of people, actions and reactions. In the bar, alcohol is often blamed for poor behavior…but my friends, alcohol is the accelerant not the issue. There are underlying things we are attempting to mask with alcohol and when our behavior turns out less than stellar, it is time to do some reflecting on what is really happening. I use this example, as I am in a bar – but the lesson is the same in any fuck up we may have.

When you fuck up – be accountable. Own what you did, hand out the apologies for those who got caught in the cross fire, seek the lesson and move forward. There are people who can easily own what they did, hand out apologies and stop there. Go further, don’t stop with the apologies -dig in. There is a reason you allowed a negative behavior. There is something not being dealt with. There is something, what is it? Seeking the lesson TO LEARN is vital. This involves reflection, possibly meditation, chatting it out with a friend(s) therapist or stranger at the park. Maybe it is time to start working out, excellent way to clear our mind. Maybe it is time to do a cleanse or just clean up the diet….maybe some self care, maybe some energy work….there are a variety of ways we can find the root problem – so find that damn root and rip it out. LEARN from the fuck ups!!! Then….stop dwelling on the mistake. It will never serve any human. Dwell or learn is the option and if we choose learn, then do better than we have been.

I must admit though, the best part of learning a lesson is that it comes in stages (I am being totally sarcastic, I find myself very annoyed when this happens to me) Think of the learning of lessons as a spiral going up and the lessons that we are learning on on each layer of the spiral. As we learn and grow and expand, we reach higher ups on the spiral – which means we may be faced with what looks like the same lesson, but now we have a deeper lesson to learn. You know, like in Shrek when they say life is like an onion – the deeper you get the more it stinks, well…same thing…the higher in the spiral, the deeper we gotta go!

We are growing or dying, it is literally that simple! When we grow means we shed what no longer serves us, that doesn’t mean it is bad, it means our soul is asking for different and that is ok. Growing out of relationships, jobs, thought processes, and beliefs are just a few to name. While releasing what no longer serves us can be hard, painful and judged by some – to make space for new, the old must go. Humans are put into our life for a reason, season, and lifetime – not all are lifetime, some are only here for a short time. When we become a master at knowing the role of each humans, releasing ones that were a reason or a season becomes much easier. If we attempt to hang on to a “reason” for a lifetime we will encounter much harder lessons than necessary. Same goes with jobs.

Now thought processes and beliefs can be tricky for anyone to grow, but truly looking at what serves us and what does not serve us in our highest and best – this process too can become simple. I could write a book on this one, so I will let you know to keep your eyes open for future blog posts as there will be more! And if you just can’t wait to hear what I have to say, here are many resources out there – Tony Robbins and Dr Jordan Peterson are great places to start!! Ultimately, know this truth with the core of your being, the Universe will purify all released energy into usable form for the highest good for all, and for the birth of new plans, new ideas, new ways of life a part of us will feel like it is dying – that my friend, is the circle of life.

Finally, expansion. We can stay in our little comfort zone, never pushing the limits or we can choose to expand. With expansion, comes pain – think of the cervix during childbirth. We as humans, can see that the pain has a purpose during childbirth…. a beautiful + miraculous creation, but this doesn’t have to be exclusive to childbirth, it can be in every pain you meet. Expanding our purpose in life, expanding our thoughts, expanding our beliefs, expanding our world, comes with pain, doubt and what sometimes feels like defeat but I assure all who are reading this – if your intention is to expand, it will be greater on the other side!

Learn, Grow, Expand, Repeat

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