I typically live by the “anything in moderation” rule. I have been very intentional to heal any possible dietary restrictions, as I never want to exist with a fear of any food. Some think this is crazy, I think it is crazy that humans choose to live with dietary restrictions. Now, if you are one […]

When I was 18, I remember I thought with quite certainty that I would never be a single mom and I would never have an abortion. Fast forward a few years to 2 weeks after my 25th birthday and me realizing that I was in fact going to be a single mom or have an […]

As we journey through this thing called life may we seek to learn, grow and expand. Learn, grow, expand sounds good, right? Well, the journey there is not always pretty. Learning comes with fucking up, growing comes with shedding what no longer serves, and expanding comes with pain. As I write this blog, I am […]

I am a small town WI girl, three year Seattle transplant and now a suburban mama/entrepreneur.  I love to empower ladies (and some men!) with education on the amazingness of their own true healing! Our bodies are divine temples that were made to heal and protect us, they just need the right tools!  I love […]

How annoyed do you get with your children when you tell them something they clearly DO NOT KNOW and they say “yah, I know!” When my daugther says this to me, I think – if you freaking knew, you wouldn’t do it!!!! We would not be having this very conversation if you KNEW because if […]

2020 has been quite the year-no one will deny that. The fear, hatred and division has caused friendships to end, families to stop talking and depression to rise as we all try to figure out how we go about our next phase of life. There are some who have experienced tremendous suffering, while others have […]

What stress does to the body is mind blowing. You have likely heard of all the ways we can deal with stress, but as Tony Robbins says, “knowledge is not power, action is power.” You can know all you know, but if you are not applying it – what does it matter? I meet clients […]

Being a full time single mama, business owner and dream chaser doesn’t leave a ton of time for hobbies. I remember when my daughter was around 2, someone asked me what my hobbies are….I was like I work 60+ hrs a week and have a 2 year old…my hobbies are whatever she feels like doing? […]

I have literally worked my whole life. My mother worked fulled time and had a few health issues when I was growing up, so for as long as I can remember I was paid to clean the house, clean the pool and mow the lawn. When I turned 12, my dad added me to his […]

What would it be like to live in a world that each person knew their divine gift and USED it?  I literally think about this All.The.Time.  There are so many hurt souls running around triggering more hurt in others, just running the rat race too and most are barely surviving.  This IS NOT what our […]

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