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What would it be like to live in a world that each person knew their divine gift and USED it?  I literally think about this All.The.Time.  There are so many hurt souls running around triggering more hurt in others, just running the rat race too and most are barely surviving.  This IS NOT what our Creator intended for us!! 

I have been put here to empower as many as I can with education and healing allowing the shedding of past wounds + beliefs that no longer serves one, so the divine gifts can be exposed + USED creating a ripple effect of love, compassion and grace through homes, families, friends, work, communities and eventually the world.  How, Amanda…how are you doing this?

Well, just as we must heal at the cellular level for our bodies to heal, we must heal the humans to heal the world issues we are now facing.  While the ultimate goal is to heal the world, we must start with a single human. 

As the target of a few alcoholics, I was a hurt person spreading all sorts of hurt to others.  The pain that hit me affected how I treated others, my confidence, my self-worth and my self-love which ultimately affected my decision making as well…and the desire to break away from the pain had me making all sorts of choices that were not for my highest good.  It was not my fault what happened, but it is my responsibility to deal with it so it doesn’t spread to others.  We don’t get to break away from the pain, we heal it and release it.

I know often, we want to hide our pains for many reasons.  To deny guilt and shame are at the root for all would be ridiculous.  I know I felt a tremendous amount of shame for being tortured with suicidal thoughts since I was 11.  I was thought by many to “have it all”  I was pretty, smart, athletic and popular (those who are popular do not decide…but are chosen) so I certainly had no place to carry pain???  Little did the world no, I was a tortured soul.  With all of “this” I certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I thought about killing myself on the daily.  And I didn’t tell anyone until I was nearly 37 years old!  Yes, that is 26 years of carrying that pain on my own, and without the tools to deal! 

I know before I found myself pregnant out of wedlock at 25 years old on a one-night stand, I judged the single mothers that got pregnant, but once I was the “recklace + irresponsible” 20something I understood HOW it happened.

I know before I was a victim of domestic abuse, I judged the women that didn’t leave, but once I was hit I understood why she(they) stayed.  

But you know what is crazy, once I started being truly open about what pains I carried and what I wanted to heal…it was like I gave permission to all the ones around me to do the same.  Being vulnerable is a necessity to heal.  Being real is a necessity to heal.  Being willing to face the storm is a necessity to heal.  We do not get to run from the healing.  We must face it head on with DIVINE!  It takes courage.  There will be a ton of tears.  There will be a ton of forgiveness (for yourself + others) but once it is handled, it gets to be released…no longer there torturing you.

So, while I am just a small town WI gal, three year Seattle transplant and now a MN suburban mama, I will embrace my storms with gratitude!  Each storm I faced equipped me with the experience I needed to connect with others that have suffered in a similar fashion, only now I can connect without judgement and with tools to get through.  I open my life, heart, pains and wins to each person who comes my way so you too can walk through your storms equipped with confidence that while the tears will flow, there is sunshine on the other side.

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