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The Big 3

Fail to meet these 3, and you will ultimately FAIL any plan you “try”

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated
70% of Americans are malnourished (yet, 70% are overweight)
44% of Americans report being NO MOVEMENT and 75% of Americans aren’t even moving 30 minutes a day!

We have about 133 million people suffering from chronic illnesses….with 70% of chronic illnesses coming from lifestyle choices, 96 million Americans could resolve their chronic illnesses by making different lifestyle choices. Chronic illnesses cost America over $4 TRILLION A YEAR!!!!

WAKE UP!! Your body isn’t falling apart, you have beat the shit out of it for years and now it is crying for attention. You have, likely unknowingly, allowed toxins, chemicals, emotions and thoughts to weaken your body through the years. Your body is a divine temple and it is brilliantly efficient at keeping you alive and healthy, but even the divine needs care. With 7.5 billion people on the planet there isn’t a one size fits all sort of plan for the body to be at optimal levels, but there are specific requirements for a body to be healthy, let’s chat about them! And before embarking on any plan, make sure you have a solid foundation built with the necessities!

Drink water, REAL WATER!!!! There is no way around this. Your body is 70% water and chronic dehydration is a common link to every disease we know. Hydrate your body, drink an abundance of water so ALL of your body can get what it needs – not just the most vital, causing others to eventually fail. And we are not talking about carbonated water, or water with additives (besides essential oils and/or fruit/veggies) We have to give our body real, clean, uncarbonated water. Health can drastically improve within 7 days of proper hydration!

Your body has nutritional requirements to function. We need macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbs) AND micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to function. Not only do the nutrients we fuel our body with allow proper function, there are endless studies that are showing that the right nutrients can HEAL your body from pain, mental illnesses, autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. Yes, HEAL!!!! Your body has the ability to heal from anything given the right tools, and if you feel like you have tried “everything” have you tried to heal yourself with nutrients?

And move…if you’re body is so beat up from the years of abuse and you are not actually able to move in the form of exercise…stretch, use a fascia blaster, get in pool, sit in a chair and move different parts…JUST MOVE!! There are so many therapies available that get the blood flowing (which is the goal of moving) I have started with clients that literally were not able to workout for the first 2 weeks. The body is beaten up, stiff and hardly moving. With a fascia blaster and infrared sauna, I can help you get blood flowing until we can get you moving on your own!

The Big 3 is a foundational piece of my online program Blueprint to Wellness. After being in the industry since 2005, I have seen fads come and go…and they almost always work in the beginning, but ultimately fail because the foundation is not solid enough to support long term. It is so common to find someone who will try keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, bulletproof or another valuable plan but they can not find long term success because their foundation is weak. Each one of these plans needs you to be hydrated, taking in nutrients and moving.

Sometimes we are so close, it is hard to back up and find a solution to our problems. We think we need to try more and more, but what if we just went back to the basics and started there? Countless clients have come in after trying “everything” yet they don’t even drink 40 ounces of water. This program was designed to help you build a solid foundation with out of the box thinking that can ignite healing in your divine temple.

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