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The Quarantine

I have literally worked my whole life. My mother worked fulled time and had a few health issues when I was growing up, so for as long as I can remember I was paid to clean the house, clean the pool and mow the lawn. When I turned 12, my dad added me to his blacktopping crew. I find most get confused when I say this or the first thought that comes to mind is that I was a flag girl…well, that certainly was not the case. By the time I joined the crew, my father was exclusively putting in cart paths on golf courses and I was in right in there getting covered with tar and oil as I shoveled. This is by far, one of my most favorite times of my life. I was outside, with my dad and working hard. I stayed on my dad’s crew until he retired when I was 19, which then put me into the service world!

I started my first serving job at the oldest bar in Wisconsin – Dicks Bar and Grill. I was hired by this beautiful blonde that now owns the place! I met some of my closest friends there and in the summers, we worked around the clock. I knew how to work long, hard hours and honestly didn’t mind one bit because I loved making money!

By the time I was 23, I had my first job in a gym. I worked for a big box out in Seattle. Again, met some of my closest friends, we worked around the clock and played hard! I have always worked. I like to work. I make friends with my co-workers. I love making money…so when this quarantine happened, I found all the ways I make money stripped away, I learned what it was to “not work.” I am (when this blog was written) on unemployment? But I have worked since I can remember. I have never in my memory, not had a job? I took 3 weeks off after I had my daughter and got back to work. How am I without a job?

In July of 2019, I was facing one of my biggest sheddings of pain. (I was going through some real shit and realizing I avoided my pain by working) I woke up one day and thought, if only I could just have 2 weeks off, no alarm, no need to be anywhere, only Tay to tend to, no makeup and just care for me and take a few moments to decide what my next move will be. If only. Well, it didn’t seem like it was an option…I am a single mama that has taken some risks that have cost me the savings to take some time off like that. So I pushed through. I dove into meditation and asked for answers and strength as I kept grinding. I was getting them, but I wasn’t finding the time to implement them.

On February 29th, 2020 my brother and I met up for drinks after I got off of work. I was feeling my breaking point coming again, I started to cry when he walked in and hugged me. I was so tired. I was so over people. Things were waking up in me, but my schedule was making it really hard to implement them. I drank way to much that night and my brother saw me in a rare form. The next day, he was concerned and asked what it was all about. I said I am just so damn tired. I need a break, I need a real break. I have so many things I want to work on, but I am struggling with money. He said he would help me however I needed, but he wanted to see my plan. I called him the next day and said- you know what I go from stage to stage without every breathing. I have never stopped to truly plan the next step. I am going to take one week off and deep dive into a Tony Robbins program and God will make it all work with money. He said, “Hell yah!! I got your back if you need me!”

Before I could take the week off, March 14th, 2020 came and all of my ways of making money were shut down, but I didn’t have an ounce of panic in me. I knew I was not alone. I knew I wasn’t going to be the only American without an income and something would emerge. Instead of freaking out, I decided to dive into my business in a way that I had never been able to. I did that Tony Robbins course, I figured out all the programming for an online wellness course, I completely recreated my website (neither of those may seem like a big deal to you, but they are HUGE for me) I spent real time with my daughter, I woke up without an alarm, I worked out and I connected to Divine. Even with the crazy that was happening in the world, I made the choice to have peace and to prepare for the next step.

My attitude was everything. I could have been wrapped up into the fear and panic of COVID. I could have shut down, gotten angry. I could have locked myself in the house and ate horrible food, drinking bottles of wine, while binge watching garbage. (Ok, yes, I am human….in 2 months there were a couple of those days and if you look at the picture to this post you will see all my babies!)

For the majority of the time I embraced the break. I snuggled my daughter and fur babies tight, prayed, meditated, read books, worked out, sat in my infrared and I implemented life altering pieces to my business to set me up for the next stage in life. I was gifted the time to restore to FULL. It has the calm before the storm 🙂 And now, I can say I am rested, I am ready with updated tools to help empower those who are awakening with education and healing so they can step into their best version and make this world a better place! Are you with me?

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