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The June Detox

I typically live by the “anything in moderation” rule. I have been very intentional to heal any possible dietary restrictions, as I never want to exist with a fear of any food. Some think this is crazy, I think it is crazy that humans choose to live with dietary restrictions. Now, if you are one that does – this statement may sting a bit. I know many humans that choose to live with these restrictions and I know plenty humans that have chosen to heal these restrictions. Heal dietary restrictions? Ummm, Amanda….I am ALLERGIC!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO HEAL THAT??? Well, I would start with choosing to find information that support my above statements. I study many healers that have documented proof of 1000s of cases of their clients healing ALL FOOD RESTRICTIONS!!! Yes, read that again. Humans to look into would be Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Vianna Stibal, Anthony William (Medical Medium) and Louise Hay. Our human bodies are designed to HEAL. If there is a disease happening in the body, there is an emotional, mental or chemical issue that needs to be resolved to start the healing process. Finding the issue may be a challenging road to some, but a challenge does not mean impossible. That is modern medicine attempting to program humans, the program is destructive and WRONG.

Now, let’s chat about this June detox thing I decided to do. After ignoring many messages from my body on changes needed, I had an incident that made it impossible to ignore the messages any longer. This incident made it necessary to take a look at my life and get real with some of the evolutions I was speaking of, without actions to back it up. I can easily look back at the last two years and see incredible growth and healing. I can also look back at the last two years and see areas I could have done better in to get me to my goal of a lucrative online business that allows me to literally work from anywhere. It was time to pour some love into the areas I needed to improve on.

It is no secret that alcohol is a depressant and that hours can be wasted with its consumption. It is no secret that you are what you eat. It is no secret how important drinking water is for your overall health. It is no secret that sleep is essential to a healthy human. This little incident had me reflect on how I was really doing the basics. After this incident, I was also given the news that a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. So, the combination of all of this sparked my June Detox.

I typically live as I want with little rules or restrictions because I am way more diligent than others when it comes to my health. I absolutely used this as an excuse as to why I wasn’t drastic in making changes. That is kind of bullshit considering a few facts – 70% of Americans are obese, 70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, 70% of Americans are malnourished. Being more diligent than most is hardly a feat. It was seriously time to make some adjustments to accelerate my life.

For the month of June, I decided I was going to celery juice at least 5 days out of the week, daily juicing of some vegetables I know my body needed, coffee edemas every other day, daily movement, daily dry brushing and a weekly 48 hour intermittent fasting cleanse. In addition to these things, I decided self care that required the service of another human was my new priority and I committed to doing something 15 of the 30 days of June. These self care services include hydrocolonics, IV vitamin drips, energy healings, massages, facials, salt water floats and manicure/pedicures. I also decided to give up alcohol during this detox to truly allow by body a proper break and healing period.

While I sit on Day 18 – I must admit the things I thought were going to be a challenge certainly are not and I have been blindsided with a few things I had no idea were issues. There is plenty of time left during my June Detox, so I will certainly give you a full run-down of all I learned about myself through this process when its over. I was shocked to find buried emotions within myself. I thought I was doing a great job processing – I have learned there is room for improvement here.

I make keeping an open mind a must. When I look back at my life, I think of how much I have grown in times with little intention and in times of great intention. I believe that we humans, are capable of incredible things. I believe that we humans, are fucking glorious. I believe that we humans, are blinded to our own potential by our egos. I believe that we humans, need to set our egos aside and look for ways to improve ourselves instead of other humans. I believe that we humans, are reflections of each other. I believe that I am a divine badass that has incredible potential. This potential requires self accountability and reflection. Sometimes, we humans, need to simplify everything to get to the root issues.

So far in this detox, I have experienced a few days of extreme rage – something I can easily recognize in others, but did not believe lived in me. The days that I felt this rage were so gross to me. I did not like the person I was. I did not like the thoughts I was thinking. I did not like how this emotion made by body fell. I did not like any part of it. After the rage cleared, I developed a headache that is quite annoying. I am still working through this headache as I write this blog. I have said for years, emotions buried alive will come back stronger – yep…the small little things I have stayed quite about, the small little things I didn’t think were worth mentioning, the small little things I dismissed, came back with a vengeance and as I have set my body up perfectly to clear what no longer serves me, these emotions I didn’t know were there are being cleared as well.

What will happen in the next 12 days – I have no idea at this point. On day 11, I felt the best I had in years, on day 18, I am unfolding things I didn’t know existed – so literally anything is possible. I am not scared though. I am excited. I am ready. I feel like a mama that is sitting at a 10 ready to push. For anyone who has given birth – this is like the perfect example. So I embrace the next 12 days with joy, wonder, excitement and an open mind! I will keep you posted on this journey!

As always, there is plenty more to say about all of this, but this baseline information is valuable in itself. If you would like more information or want to connect with me, feel free to reach out via Facebook, Instagram, email or through my website, My mission is to empower you with education and healing to ignite your light, so you can shed what no longer serves you and step into the awesomeness of your divine badass self while sharing your unique gifts with love to others for the highest good of all!

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