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Clarity from the mountains

2020 has been quite the year-no one will deny that. The fear, hatred and division has caused friendships to end, families to stop talking and depression to rise as we all try to figure out how we go about our next phase of life. There are some who have experienced tremendous suffering, while others have found clarity and peace that they have never known.

I am in the later group. I took this time to advance my self-development, add a few certifications to my wellness tool box and we traveled. One of my best friends moved to Colorado and we made our way there for a peaceful getaway!

My daughter and I flew into Denver and snagged up our rental so we could make our way to Gypsum, CO. This drive was just over 2 hours west so we cranked our tunes and enjoyed our time together. I have forever been in love with the ocean. All peace is restored at the ocean. I found this for the the first time in a place outside the ocean – the mountains! Realizing how tiny one actually is can be an extremely humbling experience, if you let it be.

We were able to go to the beach, hot springs, sand dunes and hiking. The drives through the mountains can not be captured on film, it is something that must be experienced! While there the fires started. The friends that we were staying with shared that they have never experienced fires that close. Seeing the ash sitting on my car in the morning was one of the oddest things I have experienced. The pinkish/orange haze blocked the sun just right and I could stare right into it without hurting my eyes.

While spending time in the mountains, a message came through loud and clear. We, as humans, have expanded at an unsustainable rate causing a tremendous amount of harm to Earth. As the term global warming gained more and more coverage, a close friend of mine gave me this analogy…global warming to Earth is like a fever to humans. How true does that seem? If you are one to believe in the healing powers of the human body and that a fever is merely a way to cook off some viruses, Earth has the same innate system in place.

Mother Nature will handle humans far before we can do irreversible damage to her. We were not put here to manipulate and control Mother Nature, we are here to live in harmony with her and the other creatures. We must slow down, recognize the areas of ourselves that need to be healed and have the courage to heal those parts. As we are vulnerable with our wounds and healing, we will encourage others to heal as well. The ripple effect of healing will make its way through humanity. At some point we will be able to put down all the divisions and see each other as humans. Humans that are here to live, love, thrive, connect and prosper while maintaining a joyful balance with Earth and all the creatures on it!

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