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What’s your body’s pH?

Do you remember the pH scale from junior high? I totally remember it being one of those things, that I was like…yeah, when will I use this? Well, fast forward a few years and I use it pretty much every day when it comes to preparing the body to heal! Quick refresher course, the pH scale goes from 1-14. Seven is neutral, above seven is alkaline, below 7 is acidic. (You can reference the picture to this blog as well!)

Your body is the amazing healing temple that is constantly working to keep you alive and healthy. One of the ways your body keeps you alive is by maintaining a blood pH of 7.36. The blood in the body must stay at this pH to be alive. So when you consume foods that are around a 3 pH, your body has to make quick adjustments. Consuming foods with an acidic pH on a regular basis keeps your body in a constant state of adjusting. If you are regularly consuming acidic foods and beverages your body eventually needs to release magnesium from your muscles and calcium from your bones to keep your blood where it needs to be.

If you are thinking magnesium from my muscles doesn’t seem like a good thing? You are absolutely right – it is not a good thing to do to your body on a regular basis. If your muscles are releasing the magnesium needed for muscle function, your muscles are being compromised. Why would your body do this? Your body will make sure the most important functions are met – maintaining the proper blood pH is more important to your survival than muscle function.

If you are thinking calcium from your bones doesn’t seem like a good thing? You are absolutely right AGAIN! Calcium supports your bones and teeth and by helping them stay hard. Forcing your body to do this on a regular basis will cause issues for your bones, big issues!

Diseases love an acidic environment and can flourish. Cancers, viruses, bacterias and parasites thrive in an acidic environment. Signs of an acidic environment can include heartburn, muscle cramps, sore throat, foggy brain and brittle bones just to name a few.

If the only thing you take away from this blog is that multiple studies have found that cancer can not survive in an alkaline state, that is a win for me sharing this information.

But what can I do about this? Well, you can consume foods and beverages that have an alkaline pH. By consuming foods that sit on the side of alkaline your body does not have to work as hard. Limit the acidic foods and beverages – coffee, soda, alcohol, red meat and dairy are common examples to look at.

There is now undeniable data that shares drinking alkaline water helps the body tremendously in this buffering system. While you can buy alkaline water – you must be mindful of how they adjusted the pH. Just because water is alkaline, doesn’t mean its good for you. Chemicals can be added to water to alter the pH, these chemicals can end up doing much more harm than good if you don’t know what you are looking for. (This means, no chemicals should be added to make the water alkaline!) My household has an alkaline water machine that makes the water alkaline without chemicals. Adding citrus fruits to your water can also change the pH is a way that is positive for your body!


Your thoughts alter your pH!!! Yes, read that again – your thoughts alter your pH! WHAT?!? The analogy I am about to share comes from Dr Sue Morter who wrote The Energy Codes. Think of a log on a fire, once it burns, it gives off ash, yes? Well, apply that to your thoughts and cells. Your cells work and leave behind an ash. This is very exciting information to have!!! Between Dr Sue Morter and Dr Bruce Lipton, it has been proven that when cells are having a positive experience they light up + expand + give off an alkaline ash. When cells are having a negative experience they darken + condense + give off an acidic ash. Yes, your thoughts are that powerful!

My intention with this blog was to share with you another way you can aid your body in healing. If you don’t feel quite right but answers are not coming – perhaps you can look into the pH of the foods, beverages and thoughts that your are consuming. Being aware of the impact of pH on the body opens many doors to healing. Finding consistent and clear answers from doctors regarding pH may be challenging since, unfortunately, this is a challenging thing to test and good tests are limited.

As always, know that you have a tremendous amount of control over your health. Drinking water, eating nutrient dense foods and movement are essential for survival. Build a solid foundation so your body can heal and build from there. Each person’s blueprint will likely vary, so know that seeking additional support and trying new things will only get you closer to your answers. You are a divine creature that has an incredible temple that is healing each and every day.

With love, compassion and grace until next time,


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