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There is an oil for that.

Essential oils have been used throughout the world for millennia and are one of nature’s most powerful support tools available to help your body heal itself.  Essential oils can be used in many aspects of our daily lives.  Typical uses include cleaning, cooking, skin care, animal care, enhancing the air in a room, and supporting the emotional and physical needs of the body. 

Partnering with doTERRA was a natural choice as they provide the purest, highest quality essential oils and products.  As the company changes the world one oil drop at a time, they also empower and educate you and your loved ones with health and wellness.

Each and every person I start with oils, I encourage to purchase “The Essential Life” I call this book my oil bible! It breaks down the ailment, single oils, oil blends and gives insight on how to use oils with animals, for women’s health, men’s health and for a cleaner home.

When we truly start diving into what is in our food, personal products, cleaning products and general environment, we quickly see the amount of toxins we are exposed to. While I do not believe we are going to clear out all toxins TODAY, I do believe proper education will lead to people making choices that help their body instead of hurt their body. One of these choices is using essential oils for cooking, cleaning, personal care and more just to name a few.

The science behind essential oils is extensive and even modern society is beginning to understand just how these little brown bottles can alter a person’s health and well-being for the better. It is vital to look at the quality of oils and how the oils were extracted from the leaves, flowers, bark, stems, roots, resin, seeds, or pith before investing. Steam-distillation or cold pressing will lead to therapeutic grade essential oils, so steer clear of oils that are extracted through chemical processes.

The molecular size of the active compounds allow for oils to easily pass through the dermal layers of the skin so they can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, cross the blood-brain barrier and penetrate the cell membrane. We can use oils in a diffuser, apply directly to the body or ingest. There is controversy around ingesting oils, so please do your own personal research and make that decision for you. doTERRA supples a supplement layer on each bottle of oil that is safe to ingest.

A common question I am asked is “how do you use oils Amanda?” All day, everyday for everything is my response. I apply specific oils to certain body parts as I speak my affirmations. I use them in hair care, skin care and health care. I diffuse a variety all day, everyday in any room I am in. I use a mix as I water my plants to keep them healthy, vibrant and pest free. I have a car diffuser. I bring them to work with me when I bartend and share with the people I work with. They are my go-to when I have ANY aliment. I use them in meditations. I literally touch about 30 bottles of oils on any given a day. Using oils is as natural to me as drinking water.

The world is waking up and how we have operated is not sustainable. We can choose to do things differently and work with mother nature to live a healthy vibrant life or we can choose to do things as we have and be at the mercy of what our choices lead us to. While humans create disease and chaos through poor choices, selfish/ignorant ways and a lack of dealing with trauma in a productive manner, God continues to provide the healing we pray for. We just need to open our minds and our hearts so we can find it and use it for our highest good. There is an oil for that and GOD created it for us to heal.

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