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The most powerful force is love. While we watch what feels like a horror movie unfold – know there are so many unknowns and love is working for our greatest good. Be patient. Love always wins. If chaos/hatred are still present, love is still working for the win.

When we as humans put aside what is best for us in this moment and choose to surrender for the greatest good for all HUMANS, great things happen. We as humans also have to understand that we must equip our bodies to be as healthy as possible so our minds can work to clearly think. I mind filled alcohol, drugs, lies and fear is not a clear mind. A body that is riddled with toxins, medications and excess weight needs some help and the greatest good for all might be equipping the body with health.

We have been lied to many times in the past by the evils that wanted power and control. Just think about this one – we were so easily programmed to believe that Indians and Africans were savages and that made it ok to steal their land and enslave them. (Two huge things in American history…there are many others, I know this) The way they were one with EARTH went against the very foundations of science that was attempting to control and manipulate nature (Read Belief in Biology by Dr. Bruce Lipton to understand this is not an opinion, this is a fact) Indians and Africans had a relationship with the land and spirit that did not call on religion for the rules. They followed the rules of the Divine + Earth and existed with grace. As we start looking at these rules of religions, we can see there has been countless things known and recognized by the church that they didn’t deem safe to tell the general public – again – FACT….open your mind and look it up. By not being equipped with the truth, many blindly have followed the church and actually used the church as their very foundation for hurting others?!? That doesn’t even make sense?

Many that have lived off the land knew their mind/body/spirit connection would be the strongest when they were at one with Divine and Earth, and we are awakening to this necessity again. Of course, instead of savages we use the terms hippies, gypsies, tree huggers, “healers” and others to minimize the wisdoms being gained through the very practices of the past. These very wisdoms are what the powers want silenced because the fear bullshit that we have allowed no longer works on those awoke.

Medicine is new.
Technology is new.
Processed food is new.
Toxic products are new.

These 4 things alone have been at the root of deep issues we have as humans. Money, disease, mental illnesses and our inability to understand how the body heals.

Plant medicine – has never not been
Mother Nature – since the beginning of time
Foods from the Earth – never not been
Toxins in nature – come from species that are attempting to preserve

Earth is a self-sustaining LIFE FORCE. Mother Earth will heal or clear out the humans. We can choose to allow the science of the past to feed this control and manipulation bullshit or we can in this very moment decide that cells heal = humans heal = earth heal = humanity in harmony.

Take control of the controllables in your life. Read, study, drink water, eat nutrients, move your body and for the love of GOD – choose love.  Choose love for you. Choose love for your children. Choose love for your friends. Choose love for your family. Choose love for humanity.

Each and every day you are given opportunities to choose to make the world a better place or to make the world a harder place to live.

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