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“Your perception is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will expand your mind.” Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, are you familiar? If every human took a few hours to listen to some of his works, we could make some great shifts for humanity!! Yes, I believe 100% without a shadow of a doubt that if every single human on the planet understood what his teachings prove we would be living in peace and harmony….humans and all creatures of the Earth.

If you are in any avenue of medicine or healing – I invite you to take the time to dive into his works. Medical world, it is likely his teachings will shatter your known world, but that will leave you room to rebuild in a better way! Holistic peeps – he needs lots of thank yous ❤

I have spent the last two days buried in his works. The amount of research he has put in and discoveries he has found are life changing. Our very existence could be altered in a very short time by being educated by his works. .Just as the body can heal through radical remission + healing so can we as a collective whole of humans. Humans are simply a collection of cells that operate much as Earth operates with a collection of humans. Cells are extremely complex and act as little tiny universes that are effected by their environment….what is on the OUTSIDE OF THE CELL!! So for those of you that are getting DNA tested for all these “genetic” markers…please read this book. Only 5-10% of any disease is genetic. And what we focus on grows – they aren’t looking to see if you have DNA to solve a problem, just cause one 🙂 90-95% of how cells act come from the environment….nutrients, hydration, toxins and emotions…yep, emotions!

What you think matters. Your beliefs matter. Your beliefs are not facts. Your beliefs are opinions and perceptions. If your opinions and perceptions are not currently working for your highest good…you have the power to change them!!! Yes, it takes work…but trust me when I say this…every limiting belief that I have released has allowed me to expand into a bigger place and I would more than love for every human to feel that very expansion!

Being able to look at your own belief systems and weaknesses takes courage. It is easy to see others, but will you see your own? Or will you have the confidence to allow others to show you?

Science is a study and we must keep in mind that this science is ever evolving. Science will come out with new data that will allow us to open up new ways of living. For most of history, these discoveries come with some reservations, especially from those who are winning by the masses not knowing the truth. I challenge you to reflect on new information and check in with yourself on how it feels. Yeah, I said it…how it feels. You have gut instincts and they are very accurate. Allow yourself to be trained to listen to them!

This time of listening to your body will allow for your mind + body + soul connection become stronger and more clear. The stronger that is, the more aligned you will become, the more aligned you are the easier it will be for you to heal.

You are in control of how you heal. You believe you can and equip the body with what it needs, you will. If you don’t believe you can, you won’t.

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