With 7.5 billion people on the planet there is not one way to wellness, but one thing is for sure, without a solid foundation and a mind/body/soul connection the chance of long-term success is glim.  After being in the industry for nearly 2 decades, the one thing I have noticed missing in so many diet […]

The body is designed to heal. It wants to heal – it just needs the right tools to do so.  What are the tools?  Well, with 7.5 billion people on the planet there is not one single equation, but the power of your mind on believing in the ability to heal is vital.  As discussed […]

This may seem like an insane thing to say and there are plenty of critics out there that want to dismiss the possibility, but my question to you is – Have you ever tried? I remember growing up and seeing on the news, some parents had Child Protection Services called on them by the hospital […]

I owned my wellness center in Woodbury, MN from 2014-2019. There were many things I was introduced to during this time – and my love of dragonflies is one of them. One day, I was informed that there was a swarm of dragonflies in the back window. A swarm? That is an odd thing to […]

I typically live by the “anything in moderation” rule. I have been very intentional to heal any possible dietary restrictions, as I never want to exist with a fear of any food. Some think this is crazy, I think it is crazy that humans choose to live with dietary restrictions. Now, if you are one […]

When I was 18, I remember I thought with quite certainty that I would never be a single mom and I would never have an abortion. Fast forward a few years to 2 weeks after my 25th birthday and me realizing that I was in fact going to be a single mom or have an […]

The truth hurts.  Does the truth hurt?  This is a phrase I have heard my entire life. The truth hurts.  When someone is being honest with you – you are told that it hurts.  When someone gives you constructive criticism – you are told that it hurts and you need to learn how to manage […]

Fascia? What the hell is that? Even after being in the industry since 2005, I will be completely transparent in saying – I had never even heard of fascia until I encountered Ashley Black on Facebook. I saw this tool that claimed it would reduce the site of cellulite….hahaha, yeah right I thought. Then I […]

We often only speak on “soul mates” in reference to lovers. Soul mates do not only come in the lover form. Soul mates are humans you come across that are a part of your soul tribe in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, our soul has time to evaluate and choose lessons that will […]

This isn’t the first time I have talked about The Big 3, but when something is important it is worth mentioning again!!! Now, The Big 3 are vital to each and every human, and failing to meet these 3 means you will ultimately FAIL any plan you “try” 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated70% of […]

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