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The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts.  Does the truth hurt?  This is a phrase I have heard my entire life. The truth hurts.  When someone is being honest with you – you are told that it hurts.  When someone gives you constructive criticism – you are told that it hurts and you need to learn how to manage that. 

Can “the truth hurts” be evolved to better serve humanity?

Phrases like…

“Don’t say that, you will hurt their feelings.”

“Bite your tongue.”

“Keep that to yourself.”

“That is grown folks business, none of yours.”

Are just a few examples of how we begin the programming process of the truth hurts at birth.

Few truths about the truth – It is simple.  It is clear. It can stand naked. It will always come out or it will cause chaos trying.

When you tell the truth, there are no holes in the story.  There is no confusion.  There are no variants to the truth. There is no room for alternate stories to be told.  The truth is, exactly that – the truth.

Few examples of challenging situations that leave humans tempted to lie…

A woman who is not certain of the paternity of her child, lies about it as she is full of shame and will likely be judged by those around her.  How does a lie help this situation? 

A partner is unfaithful, and for a variety of possible reasons all ultimately leading to guilt + shame (unless the person is a narcissist or sociopath) this person chooses to lie or omit the truth.  How does a lie help this situation?

Family secrets – children surface from 23 & Me, adoptions, abuse or molestations are covered up or actually lied about.  How do these lies help any these situations?

A high school graduate that does not want to go to college but is too scared to tell his/her parents as the expectation is college, so he/she reluctantly goes to college.  How does a lie help in this situation?

A child who has a parent that goes to prison, but the adults around the child refuse to tell the child why or even worse lie about why.  How does a lie help in this situation?

A parent is fighting depression, alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness and a child is told that the parent is “sick” but not given any details.  How does a lie help in this situation?

All of these scenarios, most involve think they are protecting others, but humans innately know the truth so when a human is not given the honest truth there is room for stories in their head – this causes harm.

As I embark on this next part, let me be crystal clear in saying, that if what makes you happy mentally + physically + emotionally or spiritually harms another human in any possible way then you should not proceed.  We are put on the planet to find a beautiful balance with all on the planet and all those on it.   Compromising another’s human experience for your pleasure, is not acceptable. We are here to love + serve, not control + manipulate.  We have divine gifts within us that will work perfectly with all of those around us – and if you do not have the right people around you, the Universe will align you with those who are.  We are existing with many chronic thyroid issues, in the energy world thyroid issues come from not speaking your truth.  We as a society, are chronically not speaking our truths, and if we are unaware of our own truths how are we to identify when others are not speaking truth to us?

What if we taught our children that truly knowing themselves, what they think and what they want is valuable?  What if we taught our children how to explore their environment with wonder?  What if we taught our children to explore their minds to seek clarity?  What if we allowed space for our children to decide what they believe in when it comes to God, Universe and human connections?  What if we taught our children how to speak their truth and understand that the desires that are not the best for all will not be met?  What if we taught our children that it is safe to ask questions about the human experience and the Universe?  What if we taught our children that painful emotions are not bad, but learning opportunities?  What if we taught them that even through sadness, hurt, anger and disappointment, they will be even more full than they knew possible when the highest good for all is met? What if we taught them how to use challenges as learning opportunities to evolve? What if we taught our children the simplicity of the truth?

So, how do we do this?

First, let us learn how to identify what we truly want through learning ourselves.  Let us spend time in prayer and meditation getting real, raw and vulnerable with ourselves.  Our likes, dislikes, desires, and dreams.  During this time, we can also identify what we love about ourselves + our lives and what we want to see revealed or evolved.  Often, we do things to make others happy, but can someone be at their full potential of happy if your worth is being sacrificed?   The highest good for each human will fit in the divine plan of the highest good for all. The highest and best for all will leave each human in the highest and best possible situation for themselves as well.  We are not here to sacrifice others or to be sacrificed.

Being real, raw and vulnerable in speaking our truth also requires some time to wrap all words in love.  We can tell the truth with love.  We can tell the truth with compassion.  We can tell the truth with grace.  The truth does not require fluff.  The truth is the truth.  Once we start this journey, we can invite our children on it with us. We do not have to have this all mastered to assist them, and they will likely be able to teach us simple and effective ways of telling the truth as they have not yet had years of trauma, shame and guilt built up which causes the temptation to lie.  Be eager to learn from them.

The cold, hard truth hurts is no longer as the warm, soft truth heals has arrived.

And as Dr Jordan Peterson says “Tell the truth or at least don’t lie.”

As always, there is plenty more to say about all of this, but this baseline information is valuable in itself. If you would like more information or want to connect with me, feel free to reach out via Facebook, Instagram, email or through my website, My mission is to empower you with education and healing to ignite your light, so you can shed what no longer serves you and step into the awesomeness of your divine badass self while sharing your unique gifts with love to others for the highest good of all!

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