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The Blueprint to Wellness

With 7.5 billion people on the planet there is not one way to wellness, but one thing is for sure, without a solid foundation and a mind/body/soul connection the chance of long-term success is glim.  After being in the industry for nearly 2 decades, the one thing I have noticed missing in so many diet and exercise plans is the one thing every human NEEDS!

While the human body is a complicated thing – it is also a healing machine, given the right tools. 

When I first started training, it was a calorie in versus calorie out focus. After a few years, the personal training world has shifted drastically as more and more technology has expanded our minds on how the human body works. The thing I love about the training world is that our focus is 100% on how we can help the body help itself. How can we make it stronger, healthier, more flexible and more enjoyable to live in? We want to know how to get better than yesterday every single day. What supplements will enhance our health? What exercises heal + strengthen what muscles? How does one part of the body effect another part of the body? How does the body work together? How do we optimize?

Never stopping on finding better ways to do things.

Our clients seek optimal health and want to see constant progress in their lives. Our clients must have strong immune systems and quick recoveries. We want our clients healthy so they can show up for their sessions. We teach our clients how to eat foods to fuel their bodies, so they can enjoy life more. We teach our clients how to use their bodies correctly. We celebrate success with clients. We are their for our clients when they release emotions that no longer serve them.

When your drive is what I just stated, then finding the most efficient way to help people is necessary…you know, to help more people.

What is one thing I can do right now that can help more people? Well if I created a course that would give clients a solid foundation – what would it be? What would I want them to know? What would be the baseline info necessary for any program or diet they choose?

The Big 3

The connection of the mind + body + soul + home

Walking a life with love + compassion + grace

The Big 3 – Proper Hydration, Proper Nutrition, Proper Movement, my blog, my podcast

The connection of the mind + body + soul + home matters when it comes to your overall health. When writing this blog, I didn’t have one yet, but it will be loaded as soon as I do! We are all energy and for optimal health – you want the circuitry on for these areas of your lfie.

Last, walking a life with love + compassion + grace for yourself and others. Our world is in a tough spot right now, the division is at its highest, but we as humans can start making personal choices that will raise the vibration of ourselves and those around us causing a ripple effect that can raise the vibration of humanity. It is time we heal our wounds, learn better communication skills and seek the truth. We all have our shit – our hurt feelings, our traumas, our broken hearts, our loses, our suppressions, our guilt, our shame, our childhood issues….it doesn’t stop. We as humans can choose to set all of those down and grab hands with those around us to make this thing called life way more fun.

Combine these things and you will be so focused on improving yourself you won’t have time to linger in victimhood. Your body will be fueled with necessities as a minimum at all times. Your circuits will be running strong so your soul will tell your mind the next step instead of the body crying out in pain for help and your home will be where you rest and restore in peace and harmony. Your relationships with all humans will improve as you seek the lesson in each meeting instead of the offense.

This is the Blueprint to Wellness. It doesn’t tell your the food to each – it teaches you how to find the food you should eat. It doesn’t tell you what exercise you must do – it teaches you how to find the proper movement for you! It doesn’t tell you what to think – it teaches you how to think. It doesn’t tell you what to believe – it teaches you to explore your beliefs. It doesn’t tell you to hate, judge or hurt other humans – it teaches you how to find ways to show love + compassion + grace.

There is not one way to wellness by any means, but there are basic, biological, fundamental necessities to health + wellness. The Blueprint to Wellness is your personal guide to all areas that impact your health. It doesn’t tell you, it teaches you to how to uncover what you need! So, again…while the human body is a complicated thing – it is also a healing machine, given the right tools.  My focus with every client is to build a solid foundation of wellness while we find the tools to your healing.  After the initial wellness consultation, I help my clients through a variety of modalities including online courses, personal training, fascia blasting, Reiki, guided meditations and soul healing sessions.  Through my own journey of strengthening my mind + body + soul, I have found various practitioners that can help my clients in ways I am not skilled or trained.

As always, there so much more to say about all of this, but this baseline information is valuable in itself. If you would like more information or want to connect with me, feel free to reach out via Facebook, Instagram, email or through my website, My mission is to empower you with education and healing to ignite your light, so you can shed what no longer serves you and step into the awesomeness of your divine badass self while sharing your unique gifts with love to others for the highest good of all!

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