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You Are Not Special

Interesting title right? I know when I first heard this, I thought – why on earth would you say that to anyone….you are not special? But then I told my ego to calm down as there may be a chance for a fresh perspective on this one.

This statement is odd to hear because we have been told for the last 20-30 years how special we are, but when you really sit back and think about it – most humans are average, living average lives, running the routine of get up, go to work, come home, go to bed and repeat. There are a few exceptions to this rule, as there are exceptions to every rule – but even the exceptions typically have areas they struggle in. Take for example professional athletes – fantastic athletes, but often struggle with academics. Exceptional business people dominating the business world, often their personal relationships are a struggle. (Calm down, I know their are exceptions to both of these examples)

You are a human. You came from an egg cell + a sperm cell. You are born, eat, sleep, poop, do a few other things and then die. During that time you will experience some pain, some joy, some setbacks, some successes, and hopefully some learning and contribution to the world. It doesn’t matter what race, color, gender, religion or any other category you see fit to place yourself in – you are not immune to pain. As someone who believes in a higher power, I can say with full confidence the hand you are dealt is exactly what God knew you could handle. And do not forget for a second, your decision making will contribute to many outcomes – so if you make shitty decisions – you will face more obstacles. If you make good decisions – you will face less obstacles.

Now, let’s talk about a bit of science. The human sub-conscious mind is completely developed by the age of seven. The sub-conscious mind runs 95% of the show. It is the part of the brain we are do not consciously operate. It collects data and it’s job is to keep us safe. It is where our beliefs are held and they can help us through life or hold us back. If you carry beliefs that serve you, your sub-conscious brain is seeking opportunities and situations that will support your highest good. If you carry beliefs that do not serve you, your sub-conscious brain is seeking opportunities and situations that will not support your highest good.

For example – the world is out to get me. You will seek information that supports that belief. You will be a person that takes offense to things that happen to you. You see how you are treated unfairly. You may even tell yourself stories of how tellers, cashiers, store employees, servers, doctors and any other human you encounter is attempting to hurt you. You will likely miss the giggles of little kids, see the helpers in tragedies or give grace to others who are just having a bad day and dealing with their own shit and their treatment towards you had nothing to do with you.

If you are a person that believes the world is full of wonder – you will likely see the bright colors nature supplies, the beautiful animals and the smiles on humans. You will look for miracles, as you believe they are everywhere. Everywhere you go, people seem to be kind and helpful. The ability to give grace to others having a bad day will become natural, as they are merely humans doing the best they can with what they have.

Now, I’m going to accelerate a few thoughts for you right – our sub-conscious is where our beliefs are stored, and also where are “issues” come from. So not enough, not worthy, not loveable, abandonment issues, daddy issues, mommy issues, not safe, not wanted….all these things have developed from life experiences and perceptions, typically the root of the issue stems from something that happened from 0-7 years old and then the sub-conscious searches for reinforcement of these beliefs or makes us steer clear of situations that may lead us to that same pain.

From the book Energy Codes by Dr Sue Morter, the example she gives is about a four year old child that paints his mother a beautiful picture of their family, their home and uses brilliant colors and puts his heart and soul into this picture. When the child goes to his mother to show her, she sees this masterpiece on her dining room wall and loses her mind. The boy poured his heart and soul into a gift for his mom, while his placement wasn’t ideal, mom’s reaction caused a download of “it’s not safe to show love” and without adjusting that programming – that is how the boy who grows into a man lives his life…avoiding fully loving because it is not safe. The point of this example is not to shame mothers who may have yelled at their children for coloring on the wall, it is an example to show you how quickly and easily these downloads can happen.

So, let’s get back into the you are not special piece of things. Every human has a sub-conscious that is running 95% of the daily show. Every human has experienced situations that have downloaded beliefs to be worked through. We have moved into a place that everyone is a victim of something, and somewhere along the lines we started doing this pain comparison game. “That happened to you, well THIS happened to me.” It’s like a reward humans want to win. As someone who has been studying humans and their behaviors for a few decades now, it is very easy for me to say…NO ONE is winning with this being the norm.

If you believe you are a victim, you will find opportunities that support just that. Guess what, everyone is a victim. Have their been injustices served to different categories of humans – of course, that is undeniable. But if you see yourself as a victim and all the unfairness of these injustices to take over your life, you will have little room for love, joy, peace and expansion. When we can shift our belief from victim to student and start pulling all the lessons that were taught, life changes. The victim mentality serves no one, NO ONE. This is not a lesson on “look at the bright side of things” this is a reality check to you are a soul that came to earth to learn and expand. Learning and expansion does not happen in the comfort zone. Ask any successful person on the planet to tell you their story and there will be heartache, challenges, adversities and really shitty things that happened THAT THEY OVERCAME! A successful person chooses to take all of those things and learn. A victim uses it as an excuse to stay stuck. A successful person is accountable for their beliefs, decisions and life. A victim blames anyone and everyone.

So, despite what you have been told and programmed to believe…you are not special. You are human. You are rocking this earth bound existence just like the other 7.5 billion people doing the best you can with what you got. You are not the only person who has experienced pain. You are not the only person who has dealt with challenges. You are not the only person who feels lonely, lost, unworthy, unlovable or any other shitty thing. You are not the only who feels stress and anxiety. You are not superior to treat others like shit.

However, you have a gift inside of you that the world needs. You have something inside of you that the devil tries to tell you doesn’t matter, but it does. You have a light. You are part of the human body that is here to learn and expand. So while are not special, you are so very divine and that makes you necessary. So clear/delete/replace those beliefs that no longer serve you so you can step into your divine badass self and let’s help humans elevate!

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