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In a perfect world we would all eat nutrient dense whole foods. We would also know exactly where all of the foods came from and everything would taste amazing. In a perfect world….
Now-let’s talk reality…

1. Our soil is nutrient deficient (and there is so much science to back this up)
2. Our schedules are insanely busy
3. Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides compromise the “healthy foods” that we do eat. Even if you eat all organic-the wind blows and the –cides fly around
4. Antibiotics and steroids compromise our meat supplies

Our society is in a health crisis and rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression through the roof. Overall, we are NOT healthy and something has to change! Supplements are a great way to get your health on track and there are many ways to use supplements. They can be used as meal replacements, as added snacks, to increase the benefits of the foods already consumed, and as insurance for the nutrients that the food may lack.

There are a few supplements that I recommend depending on your goals. If you are looking for a complete reset of your system, meal replacements, added snacks, more energy or to increase your physical performance – Isagenix has a variety of programs that fit all of these goals. For more information on Isagenix check out my website or set up a consultation by Clicking Here.

If you are looking to flip your body into a fat burning machine then Re:Sults is the supplement for you! When your body is a fat burner (instead of a carbohydrate burner) you will notice increased energy, more mental clarity, increased strength, enhanced mood, reduced sugar cravings and fat loss. All things we all want, right??? For more information regarding this product Click Here.