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Commit 2 Fit

Having been in the industry since 2005, I’ve seen a variety of approaches to health and fitness. This experience lead me to create my signature Commit 2 Fit (C2F) program-a complete wellness program that incorporates the mind, body and spirit for a more holistic approach to my client’s health. While most immediately think that the body is the first thing to work on to get “fit” I believe the mind is just as important. With this philosophy, I share weekly Mind Shifts with my crew that can help my clients transform their bodies. The brain needs to be trained just like any other part of our body! To train the body-we use resistance training, intervals and yoga. These three methods combined builds muscle, burns fat and increases flexibility. The last component to wellness is the spirit and within this program we pray, support and encourage each other. We are all walking our own journey and when we open up to others-we see how similar our struggles are, making them much easier to navigate.

There are a variety of class options available for C2F.

While I love seeing all my clients in person-I understand that being able to workout anytime, anywhere is important too- so C2F is now online as well! You can join the crew and come to unlimited classes or join the online program and workout at your convenience! Join Here!