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The thought of “getting healthy” can be so frustrating, un-motivating, and exhausting-leaving many quitting before they even start. My mission is to take the overwhelm out of wellness and I do this by sharing my Blueprint to Wellness. There are many ways to get started-and I help give an overview on a few options so you can decide which road is best for YOU!

My approach to health and wellness begins with having you identify what you love about yourself and asking you- what does your body need to be healthy and strong? While many people can say what they don’t like (or even hate) about their bodies fairly quickly, I believe that you can absolutely love your body even when you don’t like the way it looks. The human body is an incredible vessel that operates without fail on so many levels without us even thinking about it. We do not tell our body to pump blood, breathe air, or digest our food (just to name a few!)-yet it just does these things and so much more.

We can choose to hate the way our legs look-or we can be so grateful for the fact that they take us everywhere we want to go without a single thank you (unless you work with me-then you will often be thanking all of your body parts for being awesome!!!) With this approach, there is a shift that happens in the mind and spirit that allows the body to change.

Food = Fuel. I do not believe in restrictive diets and going around saying I can’t have this, I can’t have that. Food = Fuel. We need to fuel the body with nutrients to help it run efficiently. We don’t restrict calories-we focus on counting fats, proteins and carbohydrates to make sure the body has exactly what it needs. If you have eaten what your body needs and still have a craving for something else-then make that choice and enjoy it!

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